Not seeing results? Consider these instead.

Training hard and not seeing results at home? Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of exercise that we go through the motions without thinking specifically about the ‘form’. That is, the way in which you perform the motions. Why is this so important? Well, there are 2 main reasons why having good form is a must in any movement:

  1. It can minimise the chance of injury
  2. It can employ efficient body mechanics, to maximise the available strength and energy of the movement.

So, how do we get good form? One place to start is using FITT – Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type. This dictates how long you train, how fast you train and how heavy you lift. They’re all equally important and will hugely impact the end result.

Another area to check, if you’re not getting the results you expect, is correct alignment. This means ensuring part of your good form is having correct posture. Not only does the help minimise the risk of injury but also can improve the way you move, it will impact your results.

Whether you are doing squats, lunges or deadlifts, you may see progress in the muscle tone on your legs but what about your butt? It can be more common than you think. Not getting the shape in your rear is related to incorrect knee alignment and stance during movements. One way to overcome this, is to ensure you are engaging your glutes when you are completing the exercises, and ensuring your positioning and alignment are correct.

Don’t spend hours in your week working out but not getting the results you expect. Check your form and alignment. Perform the movements slowly first to get the technique just right. If in doubt, you can always seek some advice and guidance from a CardioTech fitness professional instead of trying to do it alone.

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