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7 Things to Consider When Buying Your First Treadmill

Now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to exercise in their own homes. The COVID pandemic shut the doors of our local gyms and we were all kicking ourselves for not having personal workout equipment at home to stay on track with workout goals.

It became very clear, very quickly, that purchasing fitness items was pretty important.

Whether you are a walker, jogger or runner, a treadmill can be the perfect investment into your fitness journey. If you’re in the market to buy a new one, here are several key features to consider.

1. Establishing Your Space

Establishing a designated workout space in your home can keep you motivated. It sets the mood each time you step into the area. Before purchasing a treadmill, measure the space – twice – to make sure you have plenty of room for an adequate workout, including clearance on the side.

Treadmill Dimensions

Treadmills can vary in width, length and height, depending on their intended purpose and brand.

Also, take into consideration the ceiling height of your workout space. How tall is the tallest person who will be working out on the treadmill and do they have enough clearance to do so?

Again, these measurements will vary depending on the use, features, and style of the treadmill. Generally, a site will display the dimensions of each treadmill so you can get an idea of the size of the machine.

Permanent or Temporary Fixture

Do you have the extra room in your home to allow for a treadmill to be out all the time or will you want a fold-up option for storage? Due to the increase in home treadmills, several models offer this convenient feature.

Check the folded-up dimensions of the treadmill as well so you know where you can store it.

Wheels on the front of the machine might be another factor to consider if you plan on moving the treadmill after each workout. You don’t want to do another workout just putting it up for the day after you’ve already finished your exercise!

Is Noise Level a Priority?

If you plan on working out in the early morning before anyone else in your home wakes up, the noise level might be a pretty important factor to consider.

The sound of the treadmill will be affected by the size of the motor, deck cushioning and the user’s gait. At walking speed, the treadmill will typically range between 42 decibels and 57 decibels.

Treadmills found at gyms and health clubs will usually be on the more quiet side of things. If sound is an important factor, look into the models you would find at a workout studio.

2. Treadmill Affordability

There’s no denying purchasing a treadmill for your home is a financial investment. It is important to look at how much you currently pay to work out and decide how that number is affecting your budget.

Comparing Treadmill Price to a Gym Membership

Think about how much you pay for a gym membership.

You have to decide for yourself which is more important – paying off something and keeping it as long as you want, or paying possibly less money at a time for a gym membership, but paying that amount for as long as you plan to work out…which will hopefully be for the rest of your life!

Lump-Sum or Payment Plan

If you have cash on hand, then the lump sum payment is right for you. Pay once and take care of it!

However, not everyone has the luxury of buying a cardio machine outright. If you will be utilising a payment plan, be sure to check the interest rates and check for any current or upcoming promotions! This may be an affordable alternative better suited to your budget.

At CardioTech we offer affordable options starting as low as ten dollars a month. Partnered with our no interest and fast approvals, we can have you running quicker than you think!

3. Determining What Your Workouts Look Like

Take a moment to visualise what your workout looks like and what your goals are for yourself. Look for a treadmill that will not only meet but also exceed your workout expectations.

Walk, Jog or Run

When you hop on a treadmill, what is your typical speed? Treadmills are made differently to accommodate different workout paces, styles and body compositions.

Joggers and Runners will want to look for decks that provide more cushioning. If you are tall or prefer to sprint during your cardio workout, look for a longer deck; if you have a wider gait, look to machines with wider decks.


The addition of an incline on your treadmill is a great way to add extra kilojoule-burning power and tone your glutes. Check if you can raise or lower the deck while using the treadmill, to avoid stopping your workout.

Our Breakfree treadmill offers a 15% incline. This added feature will ramp up your metabolism and aid in toning thighs! The incline is easy to adjust with keys at 0% 5% 10% 15%.

Workout Programs and Software

Built-in workout programs will lift and lower your treadmill during the workout so you don’t have to worry about a thing, as well as increase and lower speed automatically.

These programs allow you to select your fitness goals – burning kilojoules, distance running or maybe aerobic heart rate – and provide workouts to help you reach those goals.

4. Treadmill Horsepower

This is a pretty big deal for automobiles, but did you know it was something to consider for treadmills as well? The motor’s horsepower can play a big role in the use and longevity of your cardio workout machine.

Comparing Motor Sizes

Once again, this will depend on your intended use. If you plan on running most of the time or if you are a heavier user, aim for a higher horsepower to ensure peak performance.

The motor size will impact the noise level as mentioned earlier. Going with a smaller motor for heavier use or when a larger one is recommended will make your workouts a little on the louder side of things.

It’s also important if you are to find a treadmill with a larger 2.5HP motor, that it is AC fan cooled. It’s rare to find a treadmill at a gym that does not use these types of motors (even rarer to find a home treadmill with one).

Users that plan on mainly utilising their treadmill for walking or slow jogs, are safe to look at the smaller motors like 1.5 horsepower.

Weight Capacity

Each manufacturer should list a weight capacity for the treadmill. Following this guideline will help ensure you get the longest life possible out of your machine.

Very Well Fit notes that heavier users may take a toll on the treadmill’s motor, bearings, roller and belt. Taking note of this very important fact will prevent you from needing to replace parts sooner than you would like.

5. Added Features

You may not need all the fancy additions in your home gym, but if they are being offered then definitely take advantage! CardioTech treadmills offer state-of-the-art features on both models.

Heart Rate Control

If you are looking to burn more kilojoules during your cardio workout, staying at your target heart rate for fat burning may be important to you. Check for a machine with a Heart Rate Control program to keep you exercising in your target heart rate zone.

Kilojoule/Calorie Tracker

This is a big one! A majority of us are working out to lose KJs – and we want to keep track of just how many we are burning away.

Pick a machine with an easy-to-read screen so you can watch those numbers increase as you work out! This is a great motivator to keep working at your highest effort.

Cinema and Audio

Do you prefer to watch TV or listen to music while you use a treadmill? Some treadmills have built-in speakers and USB cords to connect and charge your device while you are using it.

If you prefer to watch TV to pass the time, look into options that either provide a screen or a rack to hold your tablet…or at least a low console so you can see the TV over the dashboard while you are running.


Built-in fans are a definite feature you don’t want to skip out on! Look for models that allow you to crank up the speed on the fan to keep you cool while you rack up those calorie burn.

6. Safety Features

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provides several safety guidelines for treadmill manufacturers. Check to ensure the treadmill you purchase has a correctly installed safety stop switch.

It’s always a good idea to read the manufacturer’s instructions before use. There may be added tips to keep you safe while working out.

Automatic mat centering is also important, although it isn’t a required safety feature. This brings the mat back to the middle of the deck after it’s shifted; this could be caused by heavy use and/or storage of the machine.

7. After the Purchase

You want to make sure that regardless of where you purchase your treadmill, there are options for after-sales care. This can include a troubleshooting call line, mobile technicians that will come to you, and parts that are available for purchase in the event something should break.

We keep over one million dollars worth of treadmill parts at the ready in our warehouse, allowing us to provide the lowest downtime in the industry.

Warranty Options

At CardioTech, we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and drive motor, our customers can rest easy knowing we stand by our product.

Reach Out for Assistance

There’s nothing quite like being able to actually speak with a real person on the phone – someone who specialises in what you are looking for. We are available seven days a week to help our customers with any and all questions.

Comparing Our Treadmill Models

CardioTech provides two different styles of treadmills that prove to exceed user’s expectations! Both models include not one, but two cushioning systems for bounce-back support to protect your joints and back.

In addition, each model provides a console fan and auto-incline for an added glute workout. Added bonus? They are both available in either black or pink! Read on to learn more about how these models differ.

CardioTech Breakfree Treadmill

The Breakfree model is great for helping you to change habits. While you may prefer to walk most days, you still might want to add in a jog every now and again. This machine will give you a satisfying work out while still keeping it simple.

The Heart Rate Control Program, along with 35 pre-set programs will keep you motivated and help you steer clear of treadmill burn-out.

If you’re a multi-tasker, this model also has USB cord capabilities to allow you to connect your smartphone or tablet and use it while working out without worrying about headphones!

X9 AC Treadmill

The X9 AC Treadmill is the ultimate home gym experience. This is one of the first treadmills to offer a powerful health club motor in a home workout machine. The noise level is next-to-nothing, and the treadmill parts are likely to last the life of the machine – around 10 years!

The larger luxury deck is great for runners and those with longer strides. With added width, you don’t have to worry about over-stepping the belt.

With Bluetooth compatibility, 18 exercise programs, 3 Heart Rate Control programs, goal training programs, and easy-to-read LED display, this model has all the bells and whistles for a health spa experience in your own home.

Now Is the Time

With lockdown regulations, owning your personal fitness equipment became more popular and essential than ever before. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to work out from your home whenever it’s convenient for your schedule.

Investing in your health is one of the most important decisions you can make. It provides a better quality of life and improves mental well-being. Don’t wait to take the next step!

You will love the treadmill options offered at CardioTech. Take the next step to owning your workout equipment today!

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