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Top tips to care for your treadmill

Looking after your treadmill starts with setting it up and benefits from regular care and scheduled maintenance. Workouts place a lot of stress on your treadmill and you should look after your investment to get the most out of it. The quality of your workout can be directly related to the quality of your equipment. Three of the big treadmill killers are perspiration, dust and belt wear. *When cleaning and maintaining your treadmill we recommend that you disconnect the treadmill from the electricity.

Setting up your treadmill

  • Most modern treadmills use electronic components that can be damaged by power surges. We recommend that you make sure the power connection is grounded and you may want to invest in surge protection for your treadmill.
  • To help with the balance of the treadmill’s motor and belt it is recommended that you place your treadmill on a level surface.

Each time you use your treadmill

  • This may be obvious, but pay attention to your treadmill and check for any issues. Early intervention may reduce the amount of maintenance needed and prolong the life of your treadmill.
  • When finished wipe down your treadmill. Wipe the surface to reduce corrosion and deterioration of your treadmill parts and prevent risk of creating a hazardous surface on your treadmill’s belt.


  • Include cleaning your treadmill in weekly house cleaning chores. Vacuum around the machine and wipe down with a soft cloth. Avoid polishes and detergents.


  • It is not uncommon for some parts to start vibrating loose. Check nuts and bolts on the frame of your treadmill to ensure they are all tight and in good condition.
  • Check for belt alignmnent and tension. Adjust if needed.


  • Check if your treadmill is self-lubricating or needs to be lubricated. If needed, follow instructions to lubricate your treadmill at least once a year or as directed by the manufacturer.

As needed

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