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Exercising and being a mum

Being a mother, from having a newborn to a house with teenagers, has its challenges to undertaking activities that improve and maintain your health. Cardiotech have a number of at home machines that can help, and combined with the tips below can help mums to take on this challenge and become a better version of themselves. This is important, not only for the body’s physical health, but also mental health, and the combination of both can actually increase a busy mum’s productivity making life a little easier.


Finding the time is a huge challenge for mums. Little children are very demanding of you-time and as they grow up these demands change into other needs and wants. There are some ways to fit this into your day and create opportunity for exercise.

Infants are usually happier when well-fed and awake. Include your young child in your routine or choose nap time (I know mums often need that nap time too) and start with a 10 minute session gradually aiming for at least 30 minutes.

Pre-schoolers love to play, run, jump and climb and also want to do what mum is doing. Include their activity in your daily routine and get ashared exercise workout. Top it up with some home routines in their down time.

Often our school-age children are involved in some sort of extra-curricular activity and week days can be full of training and practice. Why not schedule this time for your own exercise routines too. Commit afternoon sessions to kid’s and mum’s training. Organise with parents to rotate supervision so that you can fit in time to exercise. \

Teenagers love to do ‘adult’ things so why not create opportunities to do adult exercise together. Challenge your teenagers as training partners and include them in your fitness routines.

As your children become adults they create their own lives seperate from mums. Exercising can be a way of creating time together as young adults find their own way in the world. Use exercise to catch up with adult children and maintain that important relationship.


Think ahead and have your exercise options ready. Do some research and set yourself up for success by having planned sessions that fit into your daily routines. Be flexible, accepting that your plans will change with kids and have alternative options in mind. If your children are old enough share your planning with them so they can be partners in your endeavours, provide encouragement, and maybe even reduce their demands a little to help mum.

Quality over Quantity

Get the most out of your exercise. Time is precious so maxmise the quality of your exercise. You can workout anywhere, anytime with little equipment and your home is the perfect place to get started. Cardiotech offers some great home equipment that can help you get the best out of your exercise. Acknowledge that time may be a commitment challenge and commit instead to creating the best exercise you can for yourself in the time available. 

Exercising as a mum also sets you up as a role model for your children. As they grow up, demonstrating a commitment to being healthy and fit and including them in these activities provides them with an approach to life that will also benefit them. Exercising as a mum is not an optional, occasional activity but a lifestyle choice that may benefit your whole family.

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