7 reasons why you need a holiday

Taking a break over the holiday season is what we all love.  It’s up there with winning the lottery, right?  Well there’s good reason for it to be important in your life and experts are now saying that regular holidays are vital and shouldn’t be put off.

“Our bodies need a break from the stresses of work,” says Andrew McCombe, author of Activate Your Life. “We often overlook the importance of proper rest and relaxation, but without it our bodies don’t have time to repair, recuperate and grow.”

The unfortunate thing is that today’s workaholic climate makes many of us feel guilty, weak or bad for taking the downtime that’s owed to us. “Australians have a staggering 70 million annual leave days stockpiled,” says Geoff Buckley, Acting Managing Director, Tourism Australia. “That means tens of thousands of Australian employees are in need of a holiday.”

So why do we feel compelled to be attached to our phones or reply to emails instantly, no matter what day or time it is?  Here are some top 7 reasons why you need to retrieve the suitcase from the back of the cupboard and enjoy some well-deserved R&R.

1. Regain your fitness.  When we’re on holidays, we usually find that we’re moving more and our bodies are more active. Whether we’re site seeing or swimming, chasing the kids or playing backyard cricket. Just standing instead of sitting all day can help us look and feel better. 

2. Rebuild your body.  Without work pressures and everyday stress, our minds and bodies have time to rest and repair. This helps to strengthen our immune systems, as well as reducing things like back pain, headaches, or strain on our eyes from looking at screens all day.

3. Breathe easier.  It’s one we might overlook, but just by being in a busy city means we are inhaling dirty, polluted air.  We all notice it when we’re the beach or in the mountains and you find yourself saying “Gee, the air feels clean and fresh here!” Your lungs are built to repair themselves so as long as you give them time to dispel any unwanted carbon monoxide you should be breathing better in no time.

4. Feel inspired.  After t a long year, we often lose our gusto. Visiting new places or reigniting old hobbies often bring out our passions that get us creative or at least using our minds and bodies in ways we haven’t worked for a while.

5. Reconnect with family.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics an increasing number of children are growing up in a family where both parents work full time with more than a quarter of Australians working more than 49 hours a week. Not only does this means that parents are missing out on quality time with their family, but children are being forced to hang out with their mum and dad when they’re stressed, tired, moody and touchy. Holidays can mean you spend more time, and in closer proximity, to your loved ones. Whether in a hotel room or just barbequing in the backyard, spending some quality time together will help you reconnect with each other on an emotional and physical sense. 

6. Sleep better.   Removing the pressures of work and rigorous daily grind means lower stress levels, more fun and even more down time. All these help to improve your happiness and allow you a peaceful sleep at night. Or even a cheeky nanna nap during the day!

7. Be more productive.  Seeing and doing the same thing every day reduces our mind’s efficiency so we need new stimulants to ensure we’re operating at our peak. This means taking a holiday will help you perform better at work when you get back. Is there a better excuse than that?

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