5 Natural ways to cleanse your body this summer

In the holiday season, we all tend to overindulge. It’s hard not to. But just because there is food and drink in abundance, doesn’t mean we should forget all the hard work we’ve done this year.

Follow these simple steps to keep your health on track so you not only feel great, but have plenty of energy to make the most of the holidays.

Avoid the junk
On holidays, it’s tempting the turn to the take-out foods. But eliminating processed foods, refined carbs and sugar is an important step to gaining more sustained energy throughout the day. It also helps you feel less bloated and more clearheaded. So you can kiss that nanna nap goodbye.

Stick to clean, whole, and fresh
Removing the junk food is great, but turning to fresh produce like fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds will give your body all the nutrients and goodness without weighing you done.
Make your plate look as colourful as possible so you’re getting a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Relax and recover
Cleansing your body is not just about the food you put in it. You also want to rejuvenate your mind and muscles by getting plenty of rest. Make sure you follow these tips for getting quality sleep.

Get Active
We all know the importance of regular exercise; increases energy, boosts your mood, improves thinking, and helps fight off diseases. In the end, the best way to give your body a makeover is to get moving.

Hydrate the right way
Staying well hydrated allows your body to function well, and cleanse itself. So carry a water bottle around with you to remind you to get enough throughout the day.  You don’t need to source specially formulated sports drinks or juice cleanses, just plain ‘ole water is what your body needs. If that becomes a little boring, add some lemon or other fruits to give it some zing!

Got some hot tips to share? Comment below to help a fit friend out.

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