How to learn to love running

Running is known to be one of the best forms of cardio, and helps work out your entire body. It’s proven to be effective for blood circulation, muscle strengthening, and most importantly - the heart.  More

It’s time to turn Pink!

We love our BreakFree Pink Treadmill, and this month it's the perfect excuse to love it even more! More

Crush Your Heart Attack Risk — No Matter How Fast You Go

No doubt the headline has many of us hooked … “Just how does this work?” I hear you ask.  “And can I really go at my own pace?”  More

5 Quick Tips to Have A Better Run

When we have fitness equipment in our home, it gives us convenience, reliability, and flexibility.  So even after a long day at work or looking after children, we can quickly jump on it and move our bodies for better health. More

26 Reasons to Workout Today

We all have those days when we don’t want to exercise, or we can’t fit it into our busy lives. Hey, we’re only human!  And sometimes we do have time and can workout but lack the motivation to get up and get moving, especially in winter.  More

How to Make Running Feel Easier

Running is a proven method of burning calories and reducing overall body fat.  Having the motivation to run on your treadmill week in week out is the hard part. Whether it’s finding the time or making it fun, these 5 techniques can revolutionize your workout – so you get the results … and faster! More

Is sitting the new smoking?

By now you may have heard about the recent study which found that every hour we are seated it cuts about 22 minutes from our life span. Alarmingly, a separate study into smokers shows a reduction of about 11 minutes per cigarette. More

Which Workout is Best For Me?

Choose which workout is best for you depending on how much time, money and motivation you have! More

The exercise accessories you should have in your home gym

An at home gym is a convenient and affordable way to stay healthy and fit. But with so much exercise equipment and extras to choose from, setting up your home gym may seem a little difficult. Below are four accessories that are a great base for any good home gym. More

4 Treadmill Workouts to Try at Home

The treadmill is the most popular fitness equipment in the world. It is a fantastic alternative to outdoor workouts and offers a safe, secure and controlled environment in which to achieve those 30 minutes of daily exercise. But sometimes, treadmill workouts can become monotonous. To keep things interesting and to get the most out of your exercise time, try these four easy treadmill workouts: More