Create the ultimate fitness zone at home

Whether it’s a spare bedroom or a spare spot in the garage, having a dedicated area to workout in brings loads of motivation and means you have your very own fitness studio that your friends will be envious of. No sharing sweaty equipment, no membership fees. Here are three easy steps to get you set up and working out on you ..

5 top tips to care for your treadmill

Lubricate the belt: It’s important to take good care of your treadmill deck (the walking surface underneath the belt), because the belt/deck friction may affect the function and life of your treadmill and requires periodic lubrication. Your treadmill belt has been lubricated at the factory, but periodic lubrication wi ..

From chronic illnesses to marathon runner: Lori shares her fitness journey

I was around 80kg at my heaviest and now a trim 51kg marathon runner! I had been suffering from a number of health issues including 'pre-diabetes', hypothyroid as well as migraines, IBS, PCOD (polycystic ovarian disorder) which resulted in a sub-total hysterectomy some years ago. I was sick all the time and suffered a  ..

The top fitness goal you can achieve on a treadmill

Treadmills have long been the number one machine for home exercise. Why? The treadmill is the only piece of equipment that will keep your pace. Just set and forget. For this reason, it makes it such a powerful tool to help you lose weight and keep it off. So how can treadmills achieve weight loss results? Here we share 4  ..

How much exercise is needed to lose weight

What is the magic number that ensures were burning enough calories without having to spend the entire day on a treadmill? Let’s face it, none of us have the time to exercise for hours, and we’re not a contestant of The Biggest Loser. So what is the magic number that ensures were burning enough calories without over doing it?  ..

How to learn to love running

Running is known to be one of the best forms of cardio, and helps work out your entire body. It’s proven to be effective for blood circulation, muscle strengthening, and most importantly - the heart. However, just because it’s good for you doesn't mean it’s easy. Sometimes it can even be intimidating. That i ..

It’s time to turn Pink!

We love our BreakFree Pink Treadmill (http://www.cardiotech.com.au/treadmills/breakfree), and this month it's the perfect excuse to love it even more! October is the National Breast Cancer Foundation's (http://www.nbcf.org.au) famous pink fundraising month and this year we're backing it big time with a 'Walk a kilometre in their shoes' even ..

Crush Your Heart Attack Risk — No Matter How Fast You Go

No doubt the headline has many of us hooked … “Just how does this work?” I hear you ask. “And can I really go at my own pace?” Well according to research in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, you can slash your risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) by 45%. The study monitored ru ..

5 Quick Tips to Have A Better Run

When we have fitness equipment in our home, it gives us convenience, reliability, and flexibility. So even after a long day at work or looking after children, we can quickly jump on it and move our bodies for better health. Sometimes it’s often put off because of time or energy. But even a quick workout can do a world of good, so her ..

26 Reasons to Workout Today

We all have those days when we don’t want to exercise, or we can’t fit it into our busy lives. Hey, we’re only human! And sometimes we do have time and can workout but lack the motivation to get up and get moving, especially in winter. But stay positive … one of the easiest things to do is tell yourself you can do ..

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