Post-Workout Essentials

Your workout doesn’t stop when you get off the treadmill or do your last rep. To maximise your results after each training session, you need to put some effort into your post-workout routine. It can help you improve your range of motion, reduce muscle soreness and boost your recovery so it’s definitely worth it. Co ..

Post workout mistakes not to make

Nailing your workouts but not seeing the results you thought you would? Try avoiding these common mistakes that may slow your progress or even hold you back. 1. Forgetting to warm up and warm down. When you're time poor or not totally into a session, it’s easy to skip these steps. But doing so puts your body at jeopardy wh ..

Stay motivated with these top tips

A key to reaching your fitness goals is the maintain momentum. But like a car, to fuel it you don’t need the tank to be completely full to drive, you just need to prevent it from running empty, says Joshua C. Klapow, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and author of Living SMART: 5 Essent ..

From chronic illnesses to marathon runner: Lori shares her fitness journey

I was around 80kg at my heaviest and now a trim 51kg marathon runner! I had been suffering from a number of health issues including 'pre-diabetes', hypothyroid as well as migraines, IBS, PCOD (polycystic ovarian disorder) which resulted in a sub-total hysterectomy some years ago. I was sick all the time and suffered a  ..

7 quick and healthy breakfast ideas

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But unfortunately some options available to us can be loaded with refined sugar and empty calories. Instead, opt for nutritious but simple ways to fuel our bodies with the good stuff which gives us sustained energy throughout the morning. Try these 7 delicious low  ..

Pantry Overhaul – Foods to kick start Paleo

For any nutritional plan, the hardest part is always starting: Knowing what you need to get you going, how to make it happen and sticking to your new routine. For your best chance of success, start local by finding a green grocer or farmer’s market where you can source all your fresh produce. The next step is to then s ..

Get Juicing This Summer

So many of us are obsessed with the juicing craze right now, including celebrities. And why shouldn't you be, when they are jam-packed with fruit and veg to get you looking and feeling great. Especially as the weather warms up, it’s a perfect time to have some blended juices in the fridge ready to go, or even try freezing some to create  ..

The Must Try Festive Smoothie

Keep this delicious recipe on hand for any days you feel bloated, sluggish or have low energy. It’s quick to whip up and is digestion-relieving too. So even if you’ve had too much Christmas pudding, this smoothie will calm a tummy ache and help to flush out toxins. The Greek yoghurt offers a healthy boost of probiotics to  ..

5 Natural ways to cleanse your body this summer

In the holiday season, we all tend to overindulge. It’s hard not to. But just because there is food and drink in abundance, doesn't mean we should forget all the hard work we’ve done this year. Follow these simple steps to keep your health on track so you not only feel great, but have plenty of energy to make the most of the holiday ..

The Best Fitness Gifts for 2014

Needing some inspiration on what to buy that fit friend this Christmas? Check out these great gifts that will leave them super motivated and ready to tackle 2015. Yoga Mat Help free their spirit with this range of yoga mats and accessories from LuluLemon (http://www.lululemon.com.au/products/category/women-yoga-mats-and-props?pagesize=All) ..

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