How to get positive in our everyday

We all have our ups and downs. But its how we can turn the frown upside down that really matters :) More

Yoga workouts that burn fat

Yoga can be an important part of your belly-shrinking plan, regardless of whether you've ever practiced before. Not only does it burn calories and help tone your trouble spots, but research also shows that it has the power to alter your eating patterns, your sleep habits, and your mood -- all things that will affect how much weight you pack onto your waistline, and how quickly you can burn it off. More

5 Natural Beauty Recipes You'll Love

Organic and natural products are definitely a hot trend right now. And it’s no wonder, with proven benefits not only to your health but the environment, this trend might just be the preferred choice for all of us in the future. Only problems is, most purely organic products are just too expensive. Despite organic markets buzzing with people on a Sunday morning, it just doesn’t seem like an option most of us can sustain longterm.  More

The Facts about Clean Eating

There is some buzz around at the moment about clean eating and its benefits on the body and the planet. By avoiding chemicals, preservatives, and refined sugars you’re achieving a more positive impact on our environment and reducing the likelihood of developing serious health conditions, like cancer. Other health benefits include immune boost, energy boost, improved cholesterol levels, and more. More

7 steps to kick start your fitness in 2014

It's that time of year - we all make goals and hope we can finally get to achieving them (or at least some of them) this time. Well, goals are a great first step in making them happen, and here are seven actions you can do to ensure you're on the right road to seeing them all fulfilled in 2014. More

Fit Advocate For Nov: Brooke

When it comes to positivity, our Fit Advocate for the month of November is your go-to girl - Brooke. Located at our Westfield Helensvale Kiosk, Brooke radiates goodness with her infectious smile and pure passion for a healthy and energetic life. We had the privilege of chatting to her and gaining a glimpse of how she embraces all things fit. More

The truth about sugar

It's addictive, potentially harmful and absolutely everywhere. But is sugar really a poison?  More

Recipe: Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

Turkey is a great source of protein with reduced fat content in comparison to other meats. It's easy to cook and great for the whole family to enjoy. This recipe is so easy and quick, it'll take no time to have dinner on the table. More

5 tips to keep motivated this winter

Inactivity during the winter months is common, but it is important to remember that regular exercise is essential to life-long health. More

Give the Ultimate Mother's Day Gift!

It can be hard finding exactly the right gift for mum on Mother’s Day, so why not give her the gift of good health.  Modern studies have shown that massage can be used to successfully treat a variety of disorders, including Arthritis, Anxiety, Low energy and slow metabolismMore