How to get more energy in your day

Keep your body humming throughout the day, no matter whether you have work demands or trying to fit in that workout. Breakfast like a king So what works against our all-day mojo? Well, for starters it’s our breakfast habits (or lack of). When we sleep, our body is using up all the stores of energy so come morning we ne ..

The simple formula for eating healthy

The Atkins, Vegetarian, Paleo, Raw Food…. with so many dietary plans and formulas out there it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or so far from your normal routine that it’s challenging to stick to. Following the rule of 5 will feed your bo ..

Being busy isn't an excuse

We all know that it can be hard to fit everything in on the best of days, unfortunately fitness is one of the first things to fall off the to-do list when things get busy. Just 20 minutes of exercise can help increase your metabolism and working out intensely for just 3 minutes can spur calorie burn throughout the day givi ..

Results Start In Your Head

When your mind is strong, your body is going to be strong. You’re better at handling stress, coping with suffering, dealing with adversity, making sacrifices, and pushing through the limitations that you’ve placed on yourself. You can conquer every goal, every workout and every challenge by building your mental toughness.  ..

Massage for Health and Fitness

Massage can be a great addition to your training to improve recovery time between exercises, enhance flexibility and help your overall health and wellbeing. Not everyone can make it to a massage therapist on a regular schedule, but you can still get lots of the benefits through incorporating foam rolling or by using a therapeutic massa ..

Do you crunch? Why your core muscles are so important

We don’t notice it in our everyday lives, but having a strong core is linked to our balance, posture, back health and more. Core muscles are essentially the foundation to our body’s movement whether walking, carrying a bag or exercising. Sure some of us work on our mid sections for bikini seasons, but here are  ..

Healthy Habits In The Home

Home is an important place to create and maintain harmony and happiness. This includes having an area where you can workout, relax, feel inspired and rest. There are some simply ways that don’t take much effort but can dramatically improve the mood and health of your home to make everyday life better for you and your ..

Why we should be eating fat

For generations we have been told that eating fat is bad. But now, some scientists are starting to question whether it is in fact the real enemy. Time Magazine (http://time.com/2863227/ending-the-war-on-fat/) reports that fat is not what is hurting our health. A 2014 article from the British Medical Journal (http://www.bmj.com/content/347/bmj.f ..

7 reasons why you need a holiday

Taking a break over the holiday season is what we all love. It’s up there with winning the lottery, right? Well there’s good reason for it to be important in your life and experts are now saying that regular holidays are vital and shouldn't be put off. "Our bodies need a break from the stresses of work," says Andrew McCombe ..

Train Your Brain to Stay Positive

To stay fit, we need to train our brains as well as our bodies. Half the battle is convincing our minds that we can achieve our goals. Like all humans, conquering challenges and failure is all part of the journey to get to a destination. Tough ask, considering our brains are wired to seek out negative information and store it more quickly to m ..

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