Top 3 exercises on a Vibration machine

Exercising on your vibration machine can provide a full body workout in just a few easy steps. When it comes to results, the right form is everything! So set your machine to ‘TONING STRENGTH’, following these instructions closely to maximize your workout. We’re particularly loving these three exercises, but we also ha ..

How to get more energy in your day

Keep your body humming throughout the day, no matter whether you have work demands or trying to fit in that workout. Breakfast like a king So what works against our all-day mojo? Well, for starters it’s our breakfast habits (or lack of). When we sleep, our body is using up all the stores of energy so come morning we ne ..

Beginners guide to getting fit

Starting a fitness routine or even embarking on a new one can be a little daunting. It's hard to know where to start when there is so much choice and advice out there. Never fear, we've broken it down for you so taking the first few steps is easy and also motivating enough to keep wanting more. Knowing where you start It& ..

Stand Up For Your Health

Spending more of your day standing could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Research is showing that the impact of sitting all day as the average office worker does for six hours or more can be associated with a whole range of health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer. What’ ..

Manage your mid week slump

This is the time of the week where you hit your wall at work and it brings the inescapable urge to just run back to bed and forget the world exists with its meetings and deadlines. You don’t want to even think about training today because in your mind you’re already in your pajamas. Exercising is a decision you have ..

Do you crunch? Why your core muscles are so important

We don’t notice it in our everyday lives, but having a strong core is linked to our balance, posture, back health and more. Core muscles are essentially the foundation to our body’s movement whether walking, carrying a bag or exercising. Sure some of us work on our mid sections for bikini seasons, but here are  ..

Post workout mistakes not to make

Nailing your workouts but not seeing the results you thought you would? Try avoiding these common mistakes that may slow your progress or even hold you back. 1. Forgetting to warm up and warm down. When you're time poor or not totally into a session, it’s easy to skip these steps. But doing so puts your body at jeopardy wh ..

How to prevent a side stitch when running

Running on a treadmill is fantastic exercise for your cardiovascular health. But a sharp pain in the side is not only uncomfortable, but it can mean the end of a workout if it’s severe enough. We do not know exactly what causes side stitches but there are some effective strategies that can help prevent this common proble ..

What is takes to work off a few wines

We have all been there… enjoying a glass of vino with dinner or out with friends. Unfortunately it can undo all the good things we accomplished throughout the week. Like clean eating, or that cardio session on the treadmill. So what does it take to burn off alcoholic drinks? And some of us might be wondering what drinks have the  ..

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

As our to-do lists get longer and longer, "working out” can be one of those chores that gets pushed down the list. Especially if it is a chore for you and isn't your idea of fun. But having a treadmill or another piece of equipment in your own home is a great way to get set up and break the cycle of procrastination. Here we will show yo ..

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