Fit Chic: Workout wear fashion

Workout wear for women are the new jeans, with neon sports bras the latest "it" accessory. Blame it on the push by many Australians towards a more active lifestyle, or call it an extension of the nation's fascination with fashion.  More

Workout Taboos You Should Break

The fitness landscape in Australia is continually changing. As new research comes out or new training techniques are embraced, we are always exploring new ways to workout. Just look at the CrossFit craze or the number of gyms now open 24 hours a day. More

How to Cheat at Exercising and get away with it

We should all aim to do some exercise every day. But the reality is that sometimes it just doesn’t happen due to long working days, sacrificing this time for our children, cost of gyms…. More

5 ways new years resolutions are overrated

With all the excitement of the New Year, people begin to consider what they want out of it. Do they want to travel the world? Do they want to start working out and eating healthy?  More

Repairing your abs after a baby

In order for your tummy to expand and make way for your growing bub, pregnancy splits your abdominal muscles down the middle.  After giving birth, physiotherapists will encourage new mums to carefully exercise these muscles to ensure they heal and close back together. More

5 easy ways to exercise on holidays

If you're planning on going away on vacation, your workouts can go with you too! Here are 5 ways to incorporate some active sessions around a holiday and still make time to do lots of fun stuff with friends and family. More

5 tips to keep motivated this winter

Inactivity during the winter months is common, but it is important to remember that regular exercise is essential to life-long health. More

Tech to your goal

Without a plan, it’s difficult to achieve any goal let alone fitness. Here are 3 tips to get you to your goal using technology at your disposal. More

Share Your Story

We love hearing your inspirational stories and journeys. So if you've had a positive experience, we'd love to know about it. Like Jayson, who used gym memberships on and off for 3 years until he discovered CardioTech and the convenience of exercising at home in comfort. More

Treadmills – it is whats under the bonnet that counts

Let’s face it, finally getting up the motivation to fulfil your health goals is hard enough. Deciding on which treadmill can be just a big of a challenge! But not all exercise equipment is the same and understanding what features matter, can mean the difference between living out those goals or not. More