What is takes to work off a few wines

We have all been there… enjoying a glass of vino with dinner or out with friends. Unfortunately it can undo all the good things we accomplished throughout the week. Like clean eating, or that cardio session on the treadmill. So what does it take to burn off alcoholic drinks? And some of us might be wondering what drinks have the  ..

5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

As our to-do lists get longer and longer, "working out” can be one of those chores that gets pushed down the list. Especially if it is a chore for you and isn't your idea of fun. But having a treadmill or another piece of equipment in your own home is a great way to get set up and break the cycle of procrastination. Here we will show yo ..

How to move your body, even at a desk

We now know that sitting for long periods (http://www.cardiotech.com.au/_blog/Latest_Fitness_News/post/is-sitting-is-the-new-smoking/)can be harmful for our health. We also know that even if we exercise outside of work hours, it may not undo all the hours spent on our backsides. Yep, that's right. Our bodies are designed to move, and there  ..

5 Healthy Everyday Habits

These are 5 habits you won’t want to break, and if you can stick to them for 30 days they will easily become part of your everyday routine. Chew each mouthful 20-30 times – seems like a lot, right? Chewing slowly until each bite is almost liquid enables the body to digest it as easily as possible. Really savouring the flavour ..

Do you know your risk?

Two million Australians are at high risk of type 2 diabetes. You might think of Diabetes as something to worry about later in life. But it’s what we do right now that can put us at risk of developing it. Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed in up to 58 per cent of cases through early detection and lifestyle modification. In or ..

Recovering from a Marathon

After such a tough race, like a marathon, there is always the temptation to veg out. But what you do afterwards can be just as important as all the hard work you did training in the lead up. Here are some great ways to speed your recovery, so you can get back to living an active life: Train smart: The better your preparation before th ..

Ways to dodge the common cold this Winter

Colds, or upper respiratory tract infections, are the most common cause of illness in children and adults. Most colds are caused by a virus. There are over 200 types of viruses that can cause the common cold, which is why it’s not possible to be immunised against a cold. Colds are more common in the winter months. Cold weather by its ..

7 Health and Fitness Blogs For Women

We all know that motivation is a massive factor in keeping fit and healthy. Women are especially guilty of finding (or not finding) the will to workout, as they often put other people first. Since most of us are regular users of the internet, a great way to gain a motivational fix is to subscribe to fitness blogs. These sites provide an  ..

Best Ways to wash your workout wear

If you want to workout often, but only wear the gear you love, waiting to wash them in the next laundry load is not always practical. So here’s a great tip to make sure you have clean and dry sports bra for your next session. Bring it into the shower with you Keep a small container of laundry detergent on the shelf that you can ..

Fit Chic: Workout wear fashion

Workout wear for women are the new jeans, with neon sports bras the latest "it" accessory. Blame it on the push by many Australians towards a more active lifestyle, or call it an extension of the nation's fascination with fashion. Even Stella McCartney has integrated track suit pants into her 2014 urban-wear sports outfits. What's more pro ..

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