Make 2015 a great year

What does every girl need to make this year not just good, but great? Aside from positivity and belief in yourself, here are 5 ingredients that will ensure this one can only be described as awesome! More

Share Your Story

We love hearing your inspirational stories and journeys. So if you've had a positive experience, we'd love to know about it. Like Jayson, who used gym memberships on and off for 3 years until he discovered CardioTech and the convenience of exercising at home in comfort. More

Vibration Training - Most Common Questions

Vibration Training has really taken off in the USA, with micro vibration studios popping up all over the place. So while Americans embrace this new and clever way to train, we still see some questions being raised by our Aussie counterparts. More

The Advantages of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

There are so many exercise bikes available that it's easy to be overwhelmed. Spinning bikes, stationary bikes, dual action bikes, and recumbent bikes are probably some of the terms you've heard. It's almost as though you have to be a fitness equipment engineer to understand the differences!  More

NEW and IMPROVED The latest in Vibration CV12

CardioTech’s CV12 Whole Body Vibration exercise machine replaces the original VT12 model with many outstanding features and benefits.  More

Spring time running revival

It’s warming up and the layers are starting to come off. Now is the perfect time to prepare for summer and get back into some cardio. But don’t despair, here are 5 quick tips for getting back into the running race. More

Make exercising effortless

You've got the treadmill, you've set goals, you're staring at the bikini to fit into this summer. Now what? Well, start... and as soon as possible! More

Setting up and using your treadmill: Safety First

Staying safe at all times is paramount when we are using a treadmill and storing it. Here are our top seven things you can do to help ensure your safety and the safety of others who may come into contact with your treadmill:  More

Burn 100 Calories in a Flash!

Adopt these 4 easy tactics to burn calories in your everyday. More

Australia’s premier online fitness equipment store

Australians choose to exercise and work out in different ways. While some may feel right at home in the gym, others prefer the comfort, convenience and privacy of exercising in their own home. CardioTech provides the best fitness equipment for the home to help you smash it in your daily workout regime. More