From chronic illnesses to marathon runner: Lori shares her fitness journey

I was around 80kg at my heaviest and now a trim 51kg marathon runner! I had been suffering from a number of health issues including 'pre-diabetes', hypothyroid as well as migraines, IBS, PCOD (polycystic ovarian disorder) which resulted in a sub-total hysterectomy some years ago. I was sick all the time and suffered a  ..

5 hot tips from our Vibration Expert

Make the most of your workout with these 5 secrets from our resident Personal Trainer and Vibration Expert, Gail Goodall. She gives us the run down on how to maximise your vibration training so it works hard for you, leaving you time to get on with enjoying a healthy life! 1. Best time to train is first thing in the mo ..

Setting up a home gym

Getting fit and healthy starts at home. And what better way to get motivated and stay there, then with a dedicated space in your home to make it all happen. Home gyms are convenient, tailor-made, and don’t come with ongoing membership fees. Let’s face it, sometimes gyms just aren't always comfortable environments, especi ..

The top fitness goal you can achieve on a treadmill

Treadmills have long been the number one machine for home exercise. Why? The treadmill is the only piece of equipment that will keep your pace. Just set and forget. For this reason, it makes it such a powerful tool to help you lose weight and keep it off. So how can treadmills achieve weight loss results? Here we share 4  ..

Healthy Habits In The Home

Home is an important place to create and maintain harmony and happiness. This includes having an area where you can workout, relax, feel inspired and rest. There are some simply ways that don’t take much effort but can dramatically improve the mood and health of your home to make everyday life better for you and your ..

7 quick and healthy breakfast ideas

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But unfortunately some options available to us can be loaded with refined sugar and empty calories. Instead, opt for nutritious but simple ways to fuel our bodies with the good stuff which gives us sustained energy throughout the morning. Try these 7 delicious low  ..

Pantry Overhaul – Foods to kick start Paleo

For any nutritional plan, the hardest part is always starting: Knowing what you need to get you going, how to make it happen and sticking to your new routine. For your best chance of success, start local by finding a green grocer or farmer’s market where you can source all your fresh produce. The next step is to then s ..

7 Next big fitness trends

If you have a passion for music or dance but get bored with traditional fitness, these new trends are sure to get you going. They all fuse fitness with some other quality or technique which creates a challenge to get a move right without noticing that your body is working out. Nothing but fun. Ripstix Two former drumm ..

Avoid these sleep mistakes that cause weight gain

Rest and recover is an important part of staying fit and healthy, and this includes when you are wanting to trim down. But are you making some simple errors that could be adding to your waistline? To make your workouts work for you, ensure you avoid these and you will be looking and feeling better for it. 1. Don’t ge ..

How much exercise is needed to lose weight

What is the magic number that ensures were burning enough calories without having to spend the entire day on a treadmill? Let’s face it, none of us have the time to exercise for hours, and we’re not a contestant of The Biggest Loser. So what is the magic number that ensures were burning enough calories without over doing it?  ..

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