The simple formula for eating healthy

The Atkins, Vegetarian, Paleo, Raw Food…. with so many dietary plans and formulas out there it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or so far from your normal routine that it’s challenging to stick to. Following the rule of 5 will feed your bo ..

Being busy isn't an excuse

We all know that it can be hard to fit everything in on the best of days, unfortunately fitness is one of the first things to fall off the to-do list when things get busy. Just 20 minutes of exercise can help increase your metabolism and working out intensely for just 3 minutes can spur calorie burn throughout the day givi ..

Beginners guide to getting fit

Starting a fitness routine or even embarking on a new one can be a little daunting. It's hard to know where to start when there is so much choice and advice out there. Never fear, we've broken it down for you so taking the first few steps is easy and also motivating enough to keep wanting more. Knowing where you start It& ..

How to stick with it

Starting anything can be hard but when it involves pain, sweating and cold mornings it’s understandable that a lot of people would rather retreat under the covers and hit the snooze button. If you’re after real and lasting results than you need to make the commitment each day to do what it takes and put in the effort to ach ..

Results Start In Your Head

When your mind is strong, your body is going to be strong. You’re better at handling stress, coping with suffering, dealing with adversity, making sacrifices, and pushing through the limitations that you’ve placed on yourself. You can conquer every goal, every workout and every challenge by building your mental toughness.  ..

Massage for Health and Fitness

Massage can be a great addition to your training to improve recovery time between exercises, enhance flexibility and help your overall health and wellbeing. Not everyone can make it to a massage therapist on a regular schedule, but you can still get lots of the benefits through incorporating foam rolling or by using a therapeutic massa ..

Stand Up For Your Health

Spending more of your day standing could reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Research is showing that the impact of sitting all day as the average office worker does for six hours or more can be associated with a whole range of health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer. What’ ..

Manage your mid week slump

This is the time of the week where you hit your wall at work and it brings the inescapable urge to just run back to bed and forget the world exists with its meetings and deadlines. You don’t want to even think about training today because in your mind you’re already in your pajamas. Exercising is a decision you have ..

New Treadmill? Here are your first 5 must-dos

With a shiny new treadmill set up ready to go, your active wear on, motivation is at an all-time high! So seize this opportunity and set yourself up for success by doing these 5 simple tips. Start with a walk. Treadmills are one of the easiest cardio machines to use, but it’s a matter of getting u ..

Post-Workout Essentials

Your workout doesn’t stop when you get off the treadmill or do your last rep. To maximise your results after each training session, you need to put some effort into your post-workout routine. It can help you improve your range of motion, reduce muscle soreness and boost your recovery so it’s definitely worth it. Co ..

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