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Why motion is so powerful

Motion is about converting those sitting hours in each day to moving hours. Think about your typical day; how many waking hours are sedentary (staying still) and how many are moving. What small adjustments could you make straight away to increase your moving hours?

Motion, as physical activity for the body, helps us to live to our best potential, possibly extending our life and helping to prevent disease. Exercise is intentional, planned, and repetative movement targeting improved or maintained fitness. Exercise typically targets cardiorespiratory, strength and flexibility and some movement is always better than none to improve your general well-being and health (LINK). Motion is linked to cognitive (the mind) and emotional well-being, social confidence, and positive self-image.

The human body works best if it is active, and motion can contribute to;

  • Lower blood pressure,
  • Lower cholestrol,
  • Reduced risk of heart disease,
  • Lower blood sugar,
  • Weight reduction and control,
  • Stronger bones and muscles,
  • Improved mental health including reduced risk of depression,
  • Better sleep, and
  • Increased cognitive skills.

The more moving hours in our day, the greater the opportunity for improved lifestyle and healthy bodies. Use the power of motion to start transforming your life today. Our treadmills and vibration machines are a great way to start increasing your body motion in your home today.



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