Top ways to make exercise more fun

According to Queensland Health, 64% of our state is overweight or obese*. And what is even more alarming, is that 33% of Queenslanders don’t realise it. Well, it’s time to get everyone thinking about small things they can do to enjoy fitness… and even find it fun!

  1. Dance

Many fitness centers offer dance classes specifically designed to sculpt and tone your body.

  1. Bend With Friends

Take a yoga class with friends and share a healthy dinner together afterward.

  1. Pump Up the Volume

Load your MP3 player with upbeat, fast-paced music for cardio sessions and add a slower playlist for cooling down and stretching. Shuffle your music to keep things interesting.

  1. Catch a Little TV

Watch from your treadmill, instead of your living room chair. Just starting out? Take a rest during the commercials and pedal through your favorite program.

  1. Get Social

Exercising with their spouse, friends, or coworkers helps people enjoy it more.

  1. Journal

Keep records of your workouts and take pictures along the way. Having proof of your progress will boost your motivation.

  1. Celebrate Small Victories

While you might start exercising with major change in mind, try challenging yourself to incremental goals that you can assess in a shorter period of time like losing one pound a week for a month.

  1. Run (or Walk) for a Good Cause

Make your workout more enjoyable by setting a goal to train for your area’s next breast cancer walk or similar event.

  1. Try “Exergaming”

Do you or your kids enjoy gaming? Try out some video exercise games.

  1. Swing Some Kettlebells

With their origins Russia, these cannonballs-on-a-handle are all the rage. Try a kettlebell workout for beginners!

  1. Get Professional Help

Consider working out with a pro who can build a fun routine to suit your needs.

  1. Use Fitness Apps

Integrate tech and fitness with one or more of these popular fitness apps.

  1. Learn New Things

Get up to speed on the treadmill with your favorite TED Talks or podcasts. You can load learning on your MP3 player just as easily as music.

  1. Eat Right

Feeding your body the right fuel will give you more energy for better workouts. One important tip: eat more protein.

  1. Hula Hoop It

Revisit your childhood and use a hula hoop for serious abdominal-toning fun.

* Research: Queensland Health, https://www.healthier.qld.gov.au

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