Top tips to prioritising your health

Make exercise and a healthy lifestyle part of your daily life.

\Motivation is one of the biggest influences on how much we exercise and when. Many of us start the year on a high, with positive thinking and determination
to achieve better health and fitness throughout the year. But the reality is, we all live very busy lives and other priorities often come before
a workout. So how do we turn this around? How can we find a balance between it all?

  1. Avoid unnecessary multi-tasking. Focusing attention on one activity at a time can help reduce stress,
    produce a better outcome and help achieve the goal sooner. For example, at dinner time turn off all technology and give yourself time to just
    eat. Sometimes when we are distracted while eating, it can lead to eating more or leave us feeling strangely unsatisfied.
  2. Go with non-food rewards. When you are keeping on track with your healthy eating plan or workout schedule, reward yourself in
    ways that do not involve food. It’s important to take care of your needs in other ways that don’t involve eating and potentially ruining all
    your good work.
  3. Put on your running shoes. Most would agree, that finding time to workout can be hard. When we don’t have enough time in the day, exercise is the one thing that seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list. But it’s not about making time, but finding time.
    By scheduling it in each day, you are telling yourself how important it is. Use a printed diary, pop in a recurring reminder in your phone,
    or use a noticeboard that you look at each day. A visual reminder that is in front of you (for most of the day) will help keep the momentum
    for a good exercise habit.
  4. Destress. We all are aware that stress can be harmful to our health. It affects our body’s functioning and can lead to overeating and weight gain. Sometimes it helps to put situations
    into perspective by asking yourself, “Will this matter in a week, a month or year?”. Take a few moments to mentally review what you can do
    to keep yourself healthy and balanced.

Having a piece of exercise equipment in your home gives you instant motivation to workout and keeps your health as a top priority. Contact us to chat about how you can enjoy all these benefits on a no interest ever payment plan!


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