Top Fitness Trends in 2019!

Despite the recommendation to exercise three times a week, most of us find it difficult to get motivated or find the time to get that much in. Some days you feel like you’ve run a marathon just getting out of bed! Still any exercise is good for your mind and body, especially to realease those feel good endorphins.

If you hate the gym, you’re in luck. In 2019, there is a whole world of trendy ways to workout and they don’t involve sharing other people’s sweat. From a treadmill explosion to home fitness workouts taken to a whole new level. We’ve rounded up the workout crazes you’ll love to try!

Treadmills are the new black

For the last few years, the fitness world has been drumming on about HIIT classes in 45-degree heat. But we’ve got news for you: the humble treadmill is here to stay. London studio’s saw an 82% increase in classes that incorporated treadmills in 2018 compared to the year before. They’ve been a part of the gym landscape for a while, but recently they’ve started acting as headliners in their own right with home treadmill fitness reaching new popularity.

From virtual running ‘classes’ and exciting programming functions, workouts have never been so flexible. Workout apps like Aaptiv offer audio coaching during your runs, to help you hone your form and speed.

Workouts will get shorter and shorter

Good news, people! More and more of us are booking classes that are 45 minutes or less. Who has time to spend two hours at the gym anyway? This trend is expected to continue to rise in 2019, too.

We’ve already seen this with the rise of high-intensity interval training (or HIIT) in the past few years. Shorter workouts can be just as effective at transforming the body as longer workouts. In fact, these types of workouts have been proven to offer the quickest results. Plus, you don’t have to carve out so much time to work out, meaning you’re less likely to skip a class.

At-home sessions

Reckon you’d slack without an instructor? We thought the same, but, actually, virtual trainers are so enthusiastic their energy is catching. Plus, video session found on apps or online fitness classes can be recorded in a room of people who are also working out – not only are your energy levels are up but you also (sort of) feel like you’re at the gym anyway.

Wellness festivals

Over the past few years, wellness festivals have become big business, and look set to grow even more in 2019. Wellness festivals offer their attendees meditation and inspiration among like minds. Here are four health and wellbeing celebrations across Australia that take a sense of community to a higher level.

     1. Wanderlust 108

Billing itself as “the world’s only mindful triathlon”, Wanderlust 108 combines a five-kilometre run (or saunter – “We don’t mind,” says the site) with a 75-minute DJ-powered yoga session and a 30-minute guided meditation. There’s also plenty to do around the main event: hooping, Acroyoga, organic-snacking or just hanging in the Kombucha Garden. Canberra, November 19, 2016.

      2. The MindBodySpirit Festival

Lasting three days and with more than 200 exhibitors, MindBodySpirit is the big one – the largest health, wellbeing and natural therapies event in Australia. That means there’s a seminar, stall or workshop for every type of foodie, yogi and spiritualist, with free meditation sessions and raw food and fermentation tutorials sitting alongside the Angel Wisdom seminar and Tarot Masterclass.  

     3. Vegan Festival

This is a family-friendly event in the centre of Adelaide at Victoria Square/ Tarntanyangga, with activities and shows scheduled all day, both days, for kids including free face-painting, drumming workshops and the Children’s Olympics. There’s also a wealth of health for adults too, with cooking demonstrations, yoga sessions, a beard competition and the “Vegan Single Mingle”.

    4. Conscious Life Festival

This two-day festival abounds with educators and interactive workshops alongside stalls committed to wellbeing and sustainability. There’s a strong musical component too at this health and eco-event north of Brisbane. There’s also the Kids Culture Festival, with free activities, therapies and dedicated quiet spaces for children.

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