Tired? Try these smart snacks to increase energy

Fight that tired and fatigued feeling with energy boosting healthy snacks

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or you’ve hit that 2pm wall at work, it’s easy to pour yourself a cup of coffee for an instant pick me up. Or maybe
you’ve reached for the chips or biscuits snack pack for a quick fix. While these things provide a pleasure hit on the senses and also on your mood,
due to the serotonin spike, they also cause the blood sugar levels to rise and shortly after come crashing down. This can leave you feeling worse off
than before and can even increase cravings for more energy-zapping foods. Eating the right foods can have a significant impact on your health, can
increase energy, your mood and overall emotional wellbeing throughout the day.

Instead go for foods that are rich in protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. These are slowly absorbed by your body meaning that they feel you fueled
and feeling full for longer. Protein, in particular, can help you maintain focus and concentration by increasing the production of a brain chemical
which regulates this. It is one awesome power snack! Foods great for protein include eggs, chicken and other lean meats, fish, dairy and more. Foods
that are probiotic rich can help gut health and mood. These include natural yoghurt, miso, sauerkraut. Or what not try avocado, salmon, and walnuts
that are great for your brain and increase the essential fatty acids like Omega-3.s

Smart snacking is not just about increasing energy, it can contribute to an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing. Making better food choices
helps keep the weight down, and in the long run help protect against heart disease, diabetes and other ailments. Some scientists also believe that
smart snacking can reduce chances of Alzheimer’s. They key is selecting foods
with no or minimal additives. For example nuts, plain yogurt, whole grains or seeds. Opting for snacks with low calories can also do the trick – try
these snacks that are under 100 calories,
or these lunchtime meals. Alternatively, there are some
great programs available to help guide you through the process. Check out the 4 week energy diet or the 7 day plan to boost energy, for more ideas.


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