Time Management

It can be a big struggle to manage your time well; sometimes it just slips away from you without even realizing. A massive part of getting healthier is
managing your time well. No minute should go to waist.

Some great ways to get better are:

Plan. If you’re that sort of person, give yourself half an hour to plan. Plan out when you’ll cook your meals, exercise, spend time with family,
and work. Having a job with hours that change just means adjusting your plan each week.

Cut social media down. It can be so easy to scroll through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for an hour or so without even knowing. Social media
isn’t the enemy but it can make you stagnant. Allot yourself some time to catch up but don’t waste away time doing something unproductive.

Meal prep. If you get crazy busy in the morning, prep your meals ahead of time. If you don’t finish work till late, invest in a slow cooker.
There are ways to make your time valuable no matter when you’re busiest.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is so important. Getting into bed before you actually want to be asleep can help you get to sleep earlier and give you
a more restful sleep. It’ll also help you feel rested the next day and allow you to do more with the time you have.

Treasure your time. Don’t try and rush through everything, thinking about all the other things you have to get done. Make the most of the time
you’ve got and make it worth it.

Don’t worry too much. If you go over time with your meal prep and only have 15 minutes to exercise when you wanted 30, don’t stress. Use those
15 minutes today and add another 5 to every other day. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time, there’s always tomorrow or next week.

Make sure you do what works for you, if you need to strategically plan, do that. If you need to slowly make positive changes, do that. If you need
to ease yourself into it, little by little, do that. Do what you know you’re going to do and what will work for you.

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