Take your fitness to the next level

You’ve got your fitness going, you’re feeling good… where now? A lot of people can get stuck in their fitness routine and not know how to make the next step to improve their results or lose that last kilo or two. Here are some simple ideas to take your fitness that little bit further.

Start a dairy.

One area that we can sometime lose focus in was diet. We let little things slip through the cracks – a chocolate bar here, some ice-cream there. So if you’re looking to up the ante, keep a food diary to closely monitor what your consuming. This will help identify simple areas to improve. If possible, try to reduce (or eliminate) starches and sugars altogether for 1-2 weeks. Then gradually introduced them back in and diarise how they made your body feel.

Snack time.

The simple solution here is plan your snacks ahead of time. When we get hungry, reach for the preplanned snacks so you know you’re making healthy decisions. Snack ideas include nuts, avocados, tomatoes, beef jerky, and sliced turkey breast.

Keep your heart rate low, even when exercising.

Keeping your heart rate low while you exercise may actually be a great way to burn stored body fat, according to Maffetone’s 180 Rule. Here’s the theory: First subtract your age from 180, then modify these rules as needed—you can subtract five or 10 for illness or injury or add five for a long fitness streak. Strap on a heart rate monitor, and make sure that any physical activity you do keeps your heart rate below that number. (It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness plan).

Get enough sleep.

Sleep plays a big role in your physical performance, so aim to get between seven and nine hours of shuteye each night. Sleep is always important, but especially so when you’re upping your workout routine.

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