Sneaky fitness tips

There are so many variables that go into losing weight and becoming fitter.

A few tips that can help if you struggle with this area are heading your way.

  • 1.Try having smaller portions; sometimes you only eat it because it’s there. Cook up your food and serve yourself a smaller size than you normally
    would and if you’re still hungry then go back for seconds.
  • 2.Don’t eat when you’re bored. A lot of people confuse hunger for boredom. Make sure before you head to the pantry you assess if you’re really
    hungry or if you’re just bored.
  • 3.Get the right shoes. Your whole body relies on your feet so make sure they’re comfortable. You can get back, knee and many other problems if
    you don’t make sure your feet are taken care of.
  • 4.Put in the effort ahead of time. Pay for your trainer or equipment ahead of time to keep yourself motivated. You’ll know when that money leaves
    your account that you need to be doing something.

Keep yourself motivated and see if any of these tips help you but most of all, find out what works for you. There’s no use doing something that doesn’t
work for you just because it works for someone else. Do what works for you.

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