At the start of the New Year we often make resolutions to better ourselves. We make the decision to be healthier or stress less. Whatever it might
be it’s sometimes hard to stay true to them after January 1st. Here are some tips to stay true to your resolutions.

Remind Yourself:

Make sure that you remind yourself of the goals you set for yourself. Whether that be with post-it notes around the house or starting your day with
the reminder of the goals you set.

Throw Away Excuses:

Stop making excuses, that it’s too hard or too difficult to do. Make sure that you push away your excuses and just do it. Start talking yourself into
new things instead of out of them.

Make Way:

Set yourself up for a win by making decisions that’ll push you forward and not backward. If you choose to eat healthier, make a plan as to how you
will. If you want to stress less, remove things that stress from your life.

Whatever your New Years resolutions are make sure that you stick to them but also give yourself room to make mistakes. You don’t have to do it perfectly,
all you have to do is make progress.

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