Reducing the risk of dementia

Be active now in helping to prevent age-related diseases like dementia.

As we age our body starts to slow down and may not function as well as it did in our 20’s. In order to keep it running in optimal condition there are plenty of options that can have significant long-term benefits. Maintaining strong cognitive health is one of them. With almost one in 10 Australians aged over 65 having dementia and 30 per cent of these cases being preventable, it’s worthwhile addressing our lifestyle risk factors now.

Dr Maree Farrow, a cognitive neuroscientist with the University of Tasmania’s Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre*, recommends a ‘brain
healthy’ lifestyle.

  1. Activate your mind. It is a known fact that keeping mentally active can also keep you feeling young. While crosswords and Sudoku have been popular choices, other activities are learning a second language or
    musical instrument and some wide reading are also useful.
  2. Activate your social side. Research has been unable to pinpoint exactly why but connecting to others through a large network of friends is seen
    to be good for the brain. Combining both the mental and social aspects can be easy when participating in a weekly class like chess or bridge.
  3. Get physically active. Exercise keeps blood vessels in
    good shape which keeps the brain healthy. Physical activity helps grow new brain cells and helps make new connections between cells. It also
    boosts chemical levels in the brain that help keep us happy.
  4. Eat well. There is no magic pill or ingredient on this one. It’s about maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. There is lots of research on foods high in omega-3, but it’s just as important to ensure you get your regular daily intake of fruit and vegetables.
    Also watching alcohol consumption and avoid smoking are all recommended preventions.

It’s important not to leave this until it’s too late. Start early on your healthy and active lifestyle and you’ll help keep your mind and body stronger and protect it for longer.
Contact us to chat about how you can enjoy the benefits of physical exercise starting in your own home!


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