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Power foods can taste good

Power foods contain the richest amount of nutrients for the least amount of calories. They can provide optimal health benefits but can they be delicious as well?  

Here are 5 nutritious power foods that are also very tasty;

Blueberries we know are sweet and low in calories, but are they are also the superfood when it comes to antioxidants. These nutrient-dense berries have a heap of healthy benefits that make them a tasty inclusion in our list of power foods. 

Apples contain phytonutrients that can help regulate your blood sugar.  They are also considered a good source of fiber and have fat-lowering effects. In a surpising study it was found that an apple a day may not keep the doctor away but it may reduce dependence on prescription medicines.

Eggs are included in the list of power foods because of both their protien and choline. We know about the benefits of protien on increased metabolism but choline is considered the super-nutrient essential to our body’s health. There are a huge number of tasty regg recipes out there so get ‘cracking’.

Honey was used to enhance the sports performance of ancient athletes. Honey is included as a power food as research has linked honey to reduced blood glucose levels and may maintain sugar levels for up to 2 hours after a workout.

Dark Chocolate is a power food as it can improve your overall heart health. Although a dark chocolate can be bitter many find it a delicious treat. Be careful not to overindulge as it also has sugar, fat and calories.

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