Monthly Changes, 2017 is flying by

This year is flying by, next we know it, it’ll be Christmas and everyone will be in a mad rush to get final Christmas presents. But, before that happens
we can make some positive changes. If you aren’t the best at making changes, why not just do one a month.

You can start anytime; it doesn’t have to be January to start your year well.


Focus on the positive. Don’t stress too much about the things you hate about your body but focus on the things you love.


Track your meals. Sometimes you don’t really think about what you’re putting in your body, keeping a food diary can help you be conscious about what
you’re eating. This way you can make smarter choices and cut out or reduce what you shouldn’t be eating.


Cut out unnecessary sugar. Fruit is good; lollies… aren’t as much. Deciding to eat fruit instead of candy can change your body positively. When
you crave something sweet, grab a piece of fruit. To avoid temptation, get rid of all the food that contains refined sugar and keep the good stuff.


Plan your meals. It’s easier to avoid reaching for something bad when you’ve got good meals ready to go. Choose a day each week to plan out your meals
and make them. There are so many good sites to help you too.


Start a new workout. Mix it up, a great way to avoid being bored is to shake up what you usually do.


Drink water every morning. When you wake up, you’re already dehydrated, make sure you make the choice to drink water every morning. It’s a great habit
to start and also helps with weight loss. Keep a bottle or glass of water by your bed so it’s ready for you in the morning.


Aim for 10,000 steps a day. Walking helps you clear your head and burn calories and it’s a great habit to start, not just to lose weight but it can
also help you get out of a mental rut.


Go junk free. Even if it’s just for a month, go junk free. Clear out sugar, salt, fat, chemicals and trans fats that lead to health issues. Your body
will thank you for it.


Add meditation or yoga to your routine. If you stress too much, studies show that yoga and meditation can reduce stress.


Meatless Monday. Going meat-free for a day can open up some doors to try new foods and lower your BMI.


Train for a marathon. Sign up for a marathon or a walk and train for it. When you focus on your performance, you’re more likely to be happy about your


Get more sleep. Sleep is important and sometimes we forget that, make sure you’re getting enough sleep during the busy Christmas period.

Making positives changes one at a time can really change how you live. You don’t have to do these in this order and you can choose your own but making
positive choices can change your body and mind greatly.


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