It’s All In Your Mind.

Getting fit is just as much about your body as it is about your mind. A lot of what goes into our actions is our thoughts. We can talk ourselves into or
out of almost anything and too often we choose the latter. Remember how powerful your mind is. We can come up with all kinds of reasons why we shouldn’t
exercise or we can reason our way into doing it later but we can also get our mind into the PRACTISE of saying YES to exercise and creating a HABIT.

So how do we train our brain? How do we stop all the over thinking and put our solid and good thoughts into actions?

First off, just do it. The second you think about going for a run, put on your joggers. The moment you feel like a salad, make one. When you think about
doing something positive, just do it.

Secondly, make it easier for yourself. Make it so that no excuse is good enough. Keep your shoes close and have your treadmill all set up and ready to
go. If you have all the groceries you need, you want worry about driving to the shops and picking them up. If you meal prep you wont have to pick up
take-out on you way home. When you have everything ready and at your fingertips you eliminate half your excuses. Make sure you prepare your mind for
exercise also. Your body comes after.

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