Is it better to workout at home or a gym?

It has always been a long debated topic with many fitness fans – is it better to workout at home or go to a gym. While gyms can provide some benefits to certain people, many are now turning to the convenience and practicality of exercising at home whenever they want.


     1- No ongoing fees or contracts

Deciding to exercise at home means you can not only save you time and also money. After investing in some quality equipment, like a treadmill and simple weights, there are no expensive gym memberships or hidden fees. You know exactly what equipment costs and there are no nasty surprises.



      2- Quick & easy to start your session


One of the many benefits of exercising in the comfort of your home, is being able to jump on a treadmill or vibration machine at any time of the day and quickly and efficiently workout. If you were going to a gym, you’d have to pack a bag, drive to the gym, find a park, wait for equipment to be available….. Home fitness is convenient and carefree. Hey, you can even workout in your pajamas if you want!



       3- No childcare needed


If you have young children or even little bubs, it’s a huge challenge to find the time to exercise, let alone leave the house dragging everyone around with you. But having fitness equipment at home means while baby is sleeping or kids are watching TV, you can work out while on mummy duty. And it is modelling healthy habits to your children, knowing they get the best mum you can be!



       4- Private and personal


Gyms are not always comfortable places. It’s fine if you’re a body builder and already in peak performance, but for the rest of us who are exercising to be healthy, we prefer not to be watched or judged or rushed. Exercising at home gives you the privacy and personal space needed to gain confidence while you gain your fitness back.

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