Healthy Breakfast Options

Mornings can be a massive rush in your household and it can be very easy to skip breakfast but that wont benefit you in the long run. Breakfast is a key
meal that gives you energy for your day ahead so it’s important to make sure you do it well. There are some great options if you want to stay healthy
but don’t have much time to throw something together.

Peanut butter, banana and chia seeds toast.

Make sure you use a low fat/ low salt peanut butter and sprinkle on some chia seeds. You probably know that chia seeds are filled with nutrients but you
probably didn’t know that they have more calcium than milk.


Smoothies aren’t hard to make and they can be blending away while you do something else. You can put them in a to-go cup and don’t have to worry about
sitting down to eat just taking it with you. Smoothies are great because you can pack them full of nutrients and they aren’t hard to make if you’re
using frozen fruits.

Avocado toast with egg.

Avocado is so good for your body so it’s great to pop it into your breakfast menu. This meal is so easy to make and is a great well-rounded breakfast.

Egg muffins.

These guys are super easy to make and can be done the night before and last all week. Whisk up some eggs, add spinach, cheese, tomato (whatever you want
really) and bake for 15-20 minutes. Put leftovers in the fridge and warm up in the microwave when needed.

Breakfast burrito.

You can also make these ahead of time so that you aren’t skipping out on breakfast. Use a wholemeal wrap, fry some eggs and add black beans. You’ve got
your protein in there and the black beans will ward off the hunger for a while.
Apples and peanut butter.
Simple, easy and quick. Just cut up some apple, add peanut butter and eat. Super easy to make and takes no time at all.

If you’re skipping breakfast, give these a go. You need to make sure your body is ready for the day and one way to do that is to eat breakfast. If you
manage your time well you can make sure you’re never skipping out on breakfast.



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