Give your back pain the boot

Back pain is very common among almost everyone, at one point in someone’s life they’re likely to experience some form of back pain. It’s so easy to come
across because your back does so much for you. It carries a lot of the load as you lift and carry. When you bend and walk, your back is doing its thing;
it’s almost always working so you need to take care of it.

How to take care of your back so you can avoid back pain now and later in life

There are some tips to avoid getting back pain and making sure you’re taking care of your back.

Maintaining a healthy weight. Your back
carries your load, making sure the load isn’t too large can relieve a lot of the pain and reduce the risk of having chronic back pain.

Not ignoring you backs muscles. You can work really hard to have amazing calves and toned arms but forget about your back. It’s just as
important to make sure you keep your back muscles in check so you’re not straining your spine. Make sure you aren’t over-doing it. If you go too hard
too fast, your muscles wont be able to take the load and your back will rely too heavily on your spine – causing back pain.

STRETCH! Stretching is something that will always be so important. Before you run, lift weights, or do any form of exercise, make sure
you stretch your back. If you work in a job where you’re up and down or always up, stretch before you start. Get your body ready for what’s about to

Good posture is another
big one. It’s something that can sometimes slip into the back of your mind but it needs to be at the forefront. It can be another massive cause of
back pain. If you’re in a chair all day, make sure you have one that helps align your back properly instead of causing you to have bad posture. If
you’re standing up all day, make sure you are constantly standing up straight, it’ll be better for you in the long run.

Lift properly. It can be so easy to just pick up and go but you need to make sure all the weight isn’t on your back. Bend your knees and
don’t twist your body as you lift.

Leave the purse at home. Even the slightest weight on one side of your body can change your balance. Try and carry as little as possible
so that your back isn’t carrying extra weight on one side.

Sleep well. Soft beds may feel great in the
moment but it’s better to have a bed that’s firmer. Soft mattresses push your back out of position, which can cause back pain.

Make sure you’re taking care of all of your body, not just the parts that people notice. It’ll help you so much in the long run if you’re taking care of
your body as a whole.


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