Get Rid of that Sweet Tooth

Are you a person who cant seem to stop munching on lollies or chocolates? Someone who gets late night sugar cravings?

All you need to do is swap your foods. Don’t quit sugar cold turkey, and don’t punish yourself when you slip up. Try and ease yourself off sugar by replacing
it with healthy alternatives.

If you’re craving something sweet, head towards different fruits. Go towards the fruit first so that you forget all about the chocolate.

You can also start by trying healthier alternatives, like dark chocolate instead of milk. Trying juice instead of soda and then water instead of juice.

Here are few things you can swap:

  • Chocolate for strawberries
  • Icy blocks for grapes
  • Chocolate biscuit for muesli slice
  • Lollies for dates
  • Muffin for raisin toast or banana bread
  • Milkshake for a smoothie

If you get late night cravings, try and hold off till morning so that your body can burn it as energy rather than fat.

It might be a slow process, depending how you work, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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