Five ways to stress less each day

Top five simple things to do to reduce daily stress

Whether you’re a busy mum, climbing a career ladder or a just trying to get through uni exams, we all experience some stress in our lives. In fact, Australians
stress levels are on the rise with 44%* of us concerned about
our personal health. Being ‘busy’ was once thought to be a good thing; it gets us motivated, it helps us think critically and it gives us a sense of
achievement. However, we’ve taken it to the max and now our personal lives and health are starting to suffer. Stress can make us prone to sickness,
tiredness and even long term issues such as hormonal and fertility. With all of us stuck in our busy routines, it can seem impossible to find the time
to destress or know what is going to get us to the ‘zen’ zone in the time we have. Here are our five favourite ways to relax and stress less in the

Meditate. Research suggests that daily meditation can help build resilience to stress. You can meditate in a chair or lying on the ground.
Focus your attention on a goal or mantra, and as thoughts enter your mind acknowledge them and then let them pass like clouds.

Breathe deeply. Take a moment to close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Repeat for 3-5
minutes. Deep breathing can help lower the heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Laugh. Laughter
can be the best medicine to lighten the mental load. Watch your favourite comedy show, debrief with friends, or read a book that makes you smile.

Tune it out. Create a playlist of the tunes that bring back good memories. Whether that’s a concert you went to, your favourite band
growing up, or perhaps even some soft calming music while you relax in a bath.

Get active. All types of exercise can get the feel good endorphins going and ease the tension in your body. Just walking on your treadmill
or 10 minutes on your vibration machine gets the blood pumping and energy flowing for less stress each day.

When you start feeling tense or the patience is wearing thin, take a few moments to go through some of these tips and remind yourself of what really matters.
Stress less and feel the inner clam.

Source: http://www.psychology.org.au/psychologyweek/survey/

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