Fast ways to improved gut health

The gut has been referred to by the medical industry as the body’s second brain. It is believed that digestion, mood, health and even mental wellbeing could be linked to the gut. The Enteric Nervous System lines the entire gastrointestinal tract and this is made up of millions of nerve cells that send messages back and forth to the brain. This impacts a body’s overall health and its immune system. There has been a long connection to gut health and mood, as many people with Celiac disease can also suffer autoimmune issues as well as mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

We’ve found 5 fast ways to help support your gut functioning so you can function at your best.

  • Sleep. Getting enough quality sleep is vital to the functioning of your parasympathetic nervous system. Adequate sleep ensures your body keeps stress at bay along with anxiety which can lead to poor eating habits, poor digestion and poor gut health.
  • Pre and post biotic foods. To help feed all the good bacteria in your gut, be sure to add fermented pre and post biotic foods to meals. Best foods for digestion include Sauerkraut, coconut oil, kale and greens, apple cider vinegar, bone broth, and ginger. It’s also important to increase the amount of fibrous fruit and brassica vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, brussel spouts and cauliflower.
  • Water. Remember to drink plenty of water everyday.
  • Get on your treadmill. Get the blood circulating through the organs and digestive tract to help keep things moving and regular.
  • Destress. Stress causes certain chemicals in the body and reduces blood flow. This inevitably affects the digestive system. Ensure you strive for better work/lifestyle integration in order to improve overall mental and emotional wellbeing. Activities like yoga, meditation and quality time with friends and family also works too.

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