Don’t skip

Skipping meals seems like a great way to lose weight because if you aren’t eating then you aren’t adding fat but it’s not as simple as that. Skipping
meals can be more destructive to losing weight than you think.


Sometimes it’s not a conscious choice, you’re super busy so you forget about breakfast and then the day gets so busy you skip lunch. You need up being
so hungry by the time dinner rolls around that you stuff your face.


A study published by Nutritional Biochemistry shows that this method of trying to lose weight doesn’t work. They found that one large meal caused gene
changes that in turn promoted storage of even bigger fat cells, especially in abdominal area.


Instead of eating one larger meal, eat smaller meals more times of the day. Eating regularly helps keeps your body energized throughout the day and
allows you to power through your workout.


Also, remember to stay hydrated, you could be dehydrated and not even know, make sure you’re keeping your water bottle close and regularly sipping.


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