Do you Pilates or Yoga? Why you need these awesome core workouts

If you’re easing back into exercise or maybe you need a place to get started, then pilates or yoga could
be ideal. In fact, a core workout can help build strength in your midsection and back to help improve
movement in all future exercise. Pilates was invented in the early 20th century to help English veterans
recover from injuries. Western society is not only loving the feeling that Yoga provides, but science is
now helping to provide some clues as to how yoga practice can improve heath, keep ills away and free
your body from aches and pains.
One of the great benefits of pilates and yoga is that they are easy to perform at home; all you need to a
mat. The main concept to remember with these two types of fitness is that quality always overrules
quantity. It doesn’t matter how many workouts you do and how quickly you them, if the movements are
not performed correctly then optimum benefits cannot be achieved.


Core workouts are key to improving your balance, flexibility and posture.


Both pilates and yoga are perfect for building long, lean muscles and not necessarily bulk. Just by using
your own weight, your body practices to hold and move its muscles for improved posture, mobility,
flexibility and balance.
If you’re looking for some awesome core workouts, we’ve found them! For a quick (yet efficient) pilates
set, click here. Or for a Yoga that packs a punch, click here.
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