Christmas exercise must-dos

It’s coming into that time of year when you are winding down at work but ramping up your Christmas to do lists! So many of us are thinking about what to get other people, that we forget to think about ourselves and our health during the festivities. Here are our top tips for keeping yourself on top of your workouts while enjoying the holiday period.

  1. Start early. The closer we get to Christmas, the more social functions or Christmas meets pop up. If you find that your nights are getting filled with these commitments, try exercising in the morning before work and before kids get up.
  2. Workout with a friend. We all love catching up with mates at this time of year, so why not organise a date that involves exercising together. Go for a walk or run, take a gym class together or even at home with your treadmill and vibration machine.
  3. Shop til you drop. Christmas shopping is a workout in itself! Walking around a Westfield for hours, carrying heavy shopping bags and pushing the trolley with kids in it. Why not squeeze in another lap around and raise heavy bags by your side as ways to up the ante!
  4. The right gift. Everyone loves a little Christmas sweet treat as a gift, but why not think of a gift that gets your loved ones moving? A fitness tracker? A treadmill for the whole family? For the kids, how about a hula hoop, soccer ball or a trampoline? The ideas are endless – and by finding something the whole family can take part in makes it even better!
  5. Remember to eat sensibly. It’s very tempting to overdo it all at Christmas. But if you’re putting in the effort with workouts you don’t want to come unstuck when it comes to meal time. Instead of eating two big meals, have 5 smaller ones paced throughout the day. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

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