Change your fitness routine in the cooler months

As the colder months approach and the air gets a little chillier, some of us adapt our fitness routine. The body changes as the season and weather does
so your routine needs to shake up a little too. It’s always good to switch it up anyway and the weather is a great excuse to make changes. Here are
some great alternatives to keeping a fitness routine going no matter what season it is.

In the Australia climate it doesn’t get too cold or hard to manage but it’s always good to work your body better with the weather. Making sure you don’t
get sick or wear yourself down too much.

Awesome exercise alternatives to warm up your winter

Running is a great way to exercise over the colder months. It gets your heart rate going and your blood pumping which helps beat the cold. Having a
treadmill makes it much easier to continue your fitness routine no matter what’s happening outdoors – rain, hail or wind. You can always mix things
up with some footpath running on alternate days as autumn and winter months are not as hot and the heat is not beating down leaving you as dehydrated.

If you’re going to feel the cold anyway in winter, why not try ice-skating, you don’t have to be a professional ice skater to enjoy this activity. When
the beaches are too cold and the swimming pool isn’t as tempting, get to your local ice-rink. It’s a great way to get out with the family and exercise
at the same time.

Early morning hikes are a great way to exercise and enjoy the weather. You aren’t using as much energy as summer so you can get up earlier and use your
time well. If that isn’t enough motivation, you get to enjoy a pretty view. Doing an early morning hike should be one thing on everyone’s bucket list
– at least do it once.

On rest days grab an exercise mat and incorporate yoga or pilates. But don’t be fooled, just because it’s not as heart pumping as running doesn’t mean
these activities won’t make you sweat. They are a great way to build core strength, control and flexibility.

Even though it’s easier to stay in bed a few more hours, get out and make the extra energy count. Make the most of the cooler months because before you
know it the weather will be hotter and the motivation will drain. Start good fitness routine habits today, while the weather is on your side.

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