Cardio Tips

Cardio tips:

  1. To lose fat, cardio should be done on an empty stomach so try and do it earlier on in the day.
  2. Start small. Increase gradually so you don’t lose muscle.
  3. Make it 30 minutes on average. It takes time for your body to start shredding fat.
  4. Do cardio in intervals. You lose more fat if you walk, jog, run, jog and then walk.
  5. Make sure you eat well. You can run, bike and row all you like but you need to eat properly. Eating well is the most important aspect to getting healthy
    and toning your body.
  6. Do cardio before a muscle work out because it will wake up your muscles and get them ready.
  7. Always stretch before you do cardio. It will reduce the risk of injury and warm up your muscles making your workout more effective.

Extra tip: Try running on the beach, sand isn’t as hard on your feet or joints as concrete.

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