Burn Calories Fast

Use these 3 tips to burn calories in your everyday going about.

  • 1.Take the stairs. Swapping elevators or escalators for stairs can slowly help you lose weight. If you climb stair for 15 minutes you can burn
    approximately 137 calories. This is something you can do without having to even leave your house. Simply invest in a small stair step and use
    it while watching TV or folding laundry. It also helps you set a goal, you can step up and down until the end of your program or until your
    finished your task.
  • 2.Calisthenics. 15 minutes of jumping jacks, knee lifts, lungs and squats can also burn 137 calories. This is another thing you can do while watching
    TV, you can even just do it during the commercials to pass the time.
  • 3.Keep moving. You can also burn calories throughout the day by simply staying active. Walking a little more, taking the stairs more and taking
    the long way around when you go out.

There are many ways to lose weight and just shaking up your usual routine can help.

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