Benefits of Stretching

Stretching can sometimes be something we forget about even though it’s very important. Stretching is what we impulsively do when our muscles are sore
and ache. We wake up our muscles in the morning by stretching our arms and legs so it must be beneficial if we do it first thing.

These are some of the reasons stretching is important and helps your health.

  • 1.Stretching allows us to exercise for longer. When you wake up your muscles you relive muscle fatigue.
  • 2.You’ll be less tired. When you stretch your body you nourish your muscles and improve your concentration levels because your brain gets some
    blood flow. When you’re job involves sitting at a desk, it’s best to stand up and stretch to wake up your body so you can wake up your mind.
  • 3.You’ll sleep soundly. When you stretch and exercise, it is proven to give you a better sleep, over those that don’t.
  • 4.You’ll be less likely to get injured. Stretching tells your brain the right length your muscles are supposed to be when exercising. After stretching
    you’ll have better coordination and it’ll be less likely that you’ll get hurt.

Another tip when stretching is to focus on different muscles. Sometimes our body relies more on one muscle over another and when we stretch the ones
we don’t rely on we get more of our body moving.

Stretching has so many benefits and these are just a few. Remind yourself to stretch before you exercise, you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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