Benefits of Cardio

Cardio is one of the best types of excise to do if you want to lose weight but that isn’t the only benefit. There are many other benefits to cardio; let’s
have a look…

  1. Reduces visceral fat.

    Belly fat is the most dangerous and harmful fat on the body because it causes the most health issues and potential life changing diseases.

    Add weights to your cardio and see your results multiplied. CardioTech’s vibration machines not only enable you to do a powerful cardio workout,
    but provide the possibilities for you to add weights and maximise your workout. 

  2. Improves the health of you heart.

    our heart is like any other muscles in your body, it needs exercise too.

    When you exercise, you pick up your heart rate, improving this important muscle and decreasing the chances of getting heart related illnesses. 

  3. Improves the function of your brain.

    The University of British Columbia ran a study which found out that doing cardio can increase the sound of the hiccocampus – the brain area that
    controls memory and learning. 

  4. Improves sleep.

    This is a massive issue for most people of all walks of like and doing cardio could be the solution. Not having enough sleep actually deteriorates
    your health and can cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems.

    Different studies have proven that doing regular cardio helps people have a restful sleep. Give it a go and see if it works for you.


  5. And finally, it helps depression.

    Did you know that an alarming rate of Australians suffer from depression? Make no bones about it; exercise makes a significant difference to how
    you feel!

    A study published by The Archives of Internal Medicine, divided 156 men and women into 3 groups. The first group followed cardio exercise, the
    second took anti-depressants alone while the third did both. The study proved that the third group who included exercise into their routine enjoyed
    a greater difference. 

 START YOUR CARDIO ROUTINE TODAY! Don’t wait until it’s too late…. Take

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