Bad Knees?

Your knees carry a lot of your body and sometimes we can overuse them or injure them. When that happens you can either stop working out all together
or find something that works for you.

If you haven’t found something yet, here are some great exercises you can do if you struggle with knee pain.

  • 1.Partial Squats:
  • Stand roughly 12 inches away from a chair, with your feet apart. Slowly lower yourself onto the chair, making sure you knees stay behind your toes.
  • 2.Step Ups:
  • Use a step bench or stairs and step up taking each leg in turns.
  • 3.Calf raises:
  • Use a chair or wall for balance and stand with your feet apart as you slowly lift your heels off the floor. Once you’re on your toes, slowly lower
    your feet back down.

If you have knee problems, you should avoid running and trying swimming, walking or biking instead. There are still so many options available so there’s
no reason to give up. Try these and see what works for you.

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