Avoid before Bed

There are some things that can cause you to have uneasy sleep, which can affect the coming day. Here are some things to avoid.

Over eating or eating food with high carbs or fats: Research shows that going to bed with the too much or the wrong foods in your system can give you
nightmares. The more bad food you eat, the worse the dreams.

Drinking caffeine: This is an obvious one. Drinking coffee or tea too late in the day can cause you to have an uneasy sleep, which can result in being
tired the next day, which can ruin your day.

An Intense workout: Working out is always good but it gets your heart rate up which means you can’t unwind. Try working out around three hours before
you hop into bed.

Working Late: Keeping your mind up too late means it’s harder to shut down and it takes you longer to get to sleep.

Try and avoid these things before you go to sleep so that you can sleep soundly and have enough energy to conquer the next day.

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