Autumn is here

Many things change as the seasons do, the weather, the trees, your bodies needs. As the seasons change what you should be putting in your body does
too. Summer is a great time for watermelon and mangoes but that all changes when March hits.

Your body adapts to the environment you’re in, as the seasons change so do your digestive systems and metabolisms. This means that your body craves
different things during different times of year.

For some people it’s quite easy to adjust the change, they’ll start craving whatever is in season but it might be harder for the rest. It’s great to
get your body ready for winter during autumn.

Some great foods to eat during this time are apples, beetroot, berries, celery, leek, pears, seaweed, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnips, zucchini, carrots,
figs, grapes, limes, ginger, grapefruit, cabbage, green beans, almonds, pine nuts, yoghurt and eggs. Some great teas to drink are chamomile and

Autumn is a great time to make soups, broths and casseroles. It’s a great time to acquire some new cooking skills and get ready for winter.

Even though the season for watermelon and rockmelon is over there are still so many great options. Make sure you’re preparing your body for the next
season with what you eat.


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