Are your eating habits sabotaging your results (part 2)

This week we focus on increasing your protein intake.

Most of us don’t eat enough of it.  But did you know that protein rebuilds and repairs our muscles?  If you eat enough protein in your diet along with performing regular strength training – then you will increase your bodies muscle mass.

How good would it be to sit and do nothing and have our muscle burn fat for us? Well, increased muscle mass can do this for us, and we need protein to make this happen.

Protein forms the building blocks for our cells and is essential for tissue repair and muscle growth. As muscle mass is a main factor in maintaining a good metabolism to burn fat, we require protein after hard training to help our muscles in recovery and growth to make this happen
Our bodies do not have a ‘storage tank’ for protein.  That means we need to the protein from the previous meal or it is removed from our bodies.

Protein also leaves us with the feeling of being full, which can then reduce the cravings we may have for high carbohydrate or fatty foods.

As with carbohydrates, we should look to a range of varied protein sources such as lean meats and fish.  Chicken, turkey, pork, beef, veal and lamb, most types of fish are all god choices, just make sure that you choose good cuts of meat which are trimmed of fat.

Low fat dairy foods such as yoghurt, milk and cottage cheese, egg whites or some soy products like tofu are also great choices.

It is important to ensure there is a good source of protein in each of our 5-6 meals to give us a good balance of protein and leave us feeling full.


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