Are your eating habits sabotaging your results? (Part 1)

Following on from “My Three Golden Rules” blog, this week I’m delving a little deeper to give you an insider’s view as to why so many people exercise regularly, follow low fat eating plans but still rarely achieve results.

The simple answer is they most likely eat the wrong foods at the wrong time of the day.

 Do any of the below statements sound familiar to you?

•You eat too many carbohydrates
•You don’t eat enough protein
•You have a phobia with eating fat
•You’re not aware of the effects that alcohol has on fat loss
•You eat too many carbohydrates prior to exercise and at night
•You eat too much food at night and not often enough during the day

Now, did you know that by making small changes to your eating habits, you can

improve your results by a long shot.  Try…

•Reducing carbohydrates, eat them earlier in the day and make sure they are the right carbs (check the list below)
•Increase protein, again make good choices, proteins should be as lean as possible
•Increase good fats, found in foods such as fish, seeds and nuts
•Reduce alcohol consumption (yes this is important!)
•Consider the timing & types of carbohydrate foods eaten surrounding exercise. Remember my three golden rules?

Golden Rule No. 1


“wait 2-3 hours after eating your last meal before you undertake cardio exercise so you are burning your body’s fat stores and not the food you have just eaten” and for the same reason;

Golden Rule No. 2

 “wait one hour after a cardio workout before you eat in order for your body to continue to burn fat stores in your body”

Golden Rule No. 3

 “eat small regular meals (5-6 per day)”

Let’s consider what constitutes poor carbohydrate choices:

 • ‘quick fix’ high carb snack options – they are the enemy! These contain very little, if any vitamins and minerals, high saturated fat contents and a high carbohydrate amount. These can often be referred to as ‘empty or hollow carbs’.

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