Are you serious about getting results from your exercise?

We exercise for all sorts of reasons; to feel good, to chomp up some stress, to have some personal time out and some people even exercise for fun?? However
ultimately exercise is the very best and only way to get fit, stay fit, be strong and massively reduce the risk of disease, injury and getting sick.


So the Bzillion dollar question, “What exercise gives the best results, in the fastest time? OR for
those less excited about exercise, “How little can I do and still look good and fit into my clothes?”

The exercise lovers, sometimes referred to as the exercise fanatics, always seem to be looking for ways to make exercise longer, harder, more extreme and
unfortunately more and more unattractive to the folks who already hate it??

So especially for the folks who want the results of doing exercise; being fit, strong, tight, toned, healthy and to feel self confident, here are the suggestions
and questions to ask to get the most out of any exercise program without spending endless time in the gym or hours pounding the pavement…

The BEST exercise and/or exercise program is the one YOU like!! Pick an activity you enjoy, not one picked for
you by one of those exercise lovers/fanatics!! Running is the fastest way to burn calories and
to get fit but if you do not like to run, running is the worst exercise for you. 

How little CAN I do to get a result, not how much do I HAVE TO do is the question to ask? 5 mins hard and fast is much easier
to mentally prepare for, and often a much better workout, than a slow, long tedious endurance event. A collection of short, fun workouts are also much
easier to fit into your schedule and making an excuse of no time because you are supposed to exercise for an hour cannot be used when you only have
to puff for 5-10 mins!!

STOP picking stupid (or unsafe) exercises!! Always ask, “Is this the very best (and safest) exercise for the
time I have to do it? Time is not unlimited and if you are going to put in time to move make sure the movement you choose is the very best exercise
for the result you want. The latest fad, or oldest opinion, is NOT what you need, are often wrong and if it sounds too good to be true-it probably
is-not true!! All exercise choices should be made on the following strict guidelines…

  • Is it safe? 
  • Is it based on functional anatomy? 
  • Is it physiologically sound? 
  • Is it common sense? 
  • Do you like to do it? 
  • Does it fit in with your lifestyle? 
  • Is it he very BEST exercise for the result you want?  

You must add strength-training to any exercise program A
stronger YOU means; you can go harder or longer, less chance of injury and disease and every step, punch, kick or stroke of every other exercise you
do is easier. To get strong you have to overload your muscles with weight- not time or numbers. What the weight is does not matter, your muscles can’t
see and they can’t count, they just get stronger when you make them lift more weight than last time-bricks, dumbbells, logs or couches!!


Rowena Szescean McEvoy – Max International

From guest blogger Rowena Szeszean McEvoy “be a DUNNA not a GUNNA” 

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