A cup of tea a day…

Are you a lover of coffee or an avid tea drinker? Most of the time we’re one or the other but research shows that drinking tea can help improve your

The good thing about tea is that you can drink it hot or cold which is great for us Australians who face sizzling temperatures and can’t handle our
‘barely cold’ winters.

Tea has many benefits and they are as follows:

  • 1.Tea contains antioxidants that help our body function better
  • 2.Tea has less caffeine than coffee. Caffeine can be very bad for your health so drinking tea lessens the amount you have in your body.
  • 3.Tea might reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. A study showed that there was a 20% less risk for heart attacks and 35% for strokes with
    those who drank one to three cups of tea a day.
  • 4.Tea helps your teeth. Japanese researches found that tea can cutback tooth loss.
  • 5.Tea is calorie free. It’s a great option if you need some extra flavor in your day without wanting to turn to sugary drinks.

Herbal teams, Chamomile is particular is shown to be good for people with irritable bowel syndrome and ginger teas can settle nausea.

Tea isn’t for everyone but it can be so beneficial to your health. There are so many flavours you can choose from so why not try it.

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