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Sleep deprivation affects so many things that we don’t think about. Everything from our muscle-building ability to our alertness and moods. It’s easier to disregard the importance of sleep because we usually just fix it with a coffee. When you start to understand how important sleep is to your body, your strength, y ..

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You know the saying "Don't go to bed angry", well, it's true. Holding onto tension and unresolved issues can affect us mentally and emotionally. This in turn means we are not getting quality sleep and our performance can suffer the next day. Here are some 'never to repeat' things we should all try to avoid right before we hit the hay.  ..

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Why it causes weight gain: Are you often surprised by how late it is when you finally hit the sack? Your nighttime routine may be affecting your weight, claims a new study from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in the US. Researchers discovered those who go to bed late consume 1042 more kilojoules a day, twice as m ..

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