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If you’re looking for ways to look and feel your best, vibration machines work wonders for weight loss and to help you de-stress and feel amazing. A study by the University of Antwerp in Belgium found when exercising with vibration training combined with a calorie-controlled diet you can lose weight faster than with cardio exercise a ..

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Worldwide research highlights the physiological benefits unique to whole body vibration. These studies show astounding results for improved fitness in a fraction of the time, compared to conventional exercise. For example, 10 minutes on a vibration platform is equivalent to 1 hour of gym training. How it works When you stand on ..

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Doing vibration machine exercise routines can provide a full body workout in just a few easy steps. When it comes to results, the right form is everything! So set your machine to ‘TONING STRENGTH’, following these instructions closely to maximize your workout. We’re particularly loving these three exercises, but we a ..

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