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Hot Valentine’s Day workouts to try!

Show your body self-love with these Valentine’s Day workouts.

Lots of people try to ramp up their fitness in February. That’s because we’ve got January out of the way, kids are back at school and most of us have slid back into the groove of the year without even noticing. As the weather starts to cool slightly, it’s a perfect time to keep your 2018 fitness goals alive! Why not use Valentine’s Day as a special occasion to give yourself the gift of good health. No longer are Australian women aiming for unachievable body types or unrealistic exercise regimes. This year it’s all about SELF-LOVE! Taking care of yourself in order to be your best, and by doing so you have more time, energy and enthusiasm to care for other special people in your life. So, a great place to start is at home with some key workouts that focus on specific areas to build strength and slim down.

Bootie lovin’ workout:The instructor who developed this Bootie Lovin’ workout, Andrea, certainly has some charisma about her! She, along with the workout, is fun and energetic. And it work outs those areas that we get asked a lot about – bootie and thighs!

Kettlebell HIIT: Janice from Fitness Cheerleaderhas squeezed all our loves into this one high intensity interval training kettlebell workout. Kettlebells are a great investment and a great item for anyone starting out.

My Valentine’s workout: Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself motivated. But if you devote a workout to a special someone in your life, you’ll be amazed at how it can keep you on track right to the very end. Valerie from Busy Mom Gets Fit is a mum of four who gets the job done.

Ab love: Show your abs some love with this extensive collection of ab workouts.

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