8 ways to live longer!

No, we probably won’t live forever, but we can have a good go at trying! Here, the top 8 ways to boost your chances. And, no, one of them isn’t doing a pop-eye and loading up on spinach!

  1. Pat your pooch
    Getting a little pet happy certainly isn’t something to laugh at. Spending some quality time with man’s best friend may just save your life with studies showing that survival rates of heart attack victims who had a pet were 28% higher than those patients who didn’t. 
  2. Cut the butt
    Ok so it may be something most people would have surmised however ending that long term relationship with those cancer sticks will make you that little bit more invincible! Kicking this naughty little habit will also lessen your risk of heart disease, emphysema, stroke and cancer! Win! 
  3. Laughter is the best medicine alright!
    Laughter research (yes, there is someone out there researching this) has shown that humour and especially laughter can help keep our bodies strong and disease resistant. Humour is equally helpful to our mental health and the way we deal with stress and worry. A good laugh exercises many muscles of the body and causes the brain to release endorphins. 
  4. Red Red Wine!!
    Red wine is packed with resveratrol, an antioxidant. These work to protect your body against the effects of aging. One or 2 glasses of red wine a day can help keep your body young. We don’t need to be told twice! Bottoms up! 
  5. Dance like nobody’s watching!
    Turn up that volume and dance! We at Cardiotech know how important a healthy lifestyle with a moderate amount of physical activity can be- so why not enjoy yourself while you’re at it? Shaking your tail-feather has endless health benefits! 
  6. Become a human teddy bear
    Human contact in the form of hugs can help physically and physiologically reduce the effects of stress, relieving pain, increasing your ability to cope, and upping your overall health and wellbeing! So start handing out those free hugs!
  7. Stop being a Susie Serious
    Researchers have found that optimistic people decrease their risk of early death by up to 50% compared to their pessimistic counterparts. More to the point, having a positive attitude about aging can add more than seven years to your life, according to researchers. So here’s to our glass half full friends!
  8. Afternoon delight alright!
    There is little wonder that the life expectancy of a number of European countries is much higher than most! The people of the Greek Island Ikaria have one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Their secret? Getting plenty of sleep. As a result, they have lower levels of stress, cancer and heart disease. Permission to hit the snooze button…. Granted!

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